Non-Profit Whitepapers

Understanding Donors – Acquisition and Retention

This whitepaper presents how the commercial sector responds to the challenges of acquiring and retaining new customers. Gain a better understanding and deploy strategies that will grow your annual program over time.

The Truth Behind Omnichannel Marketing

If you are interested in improving the performance of your annual program, you are encouraged to download your copy of this informative and innovative whitepaper.

A New Approach to Donor Engagement

If you are interested in learning new ways to engage donors today and in the future, please download this informative whitepaper.

Social Class and the Annual Fund

Learn how to create effective messaging that speaks to all donors. Download this whitepaper that provides you insights on how social class can affect giving.

Inspiring Trust with Your Annual Fund

This whitepaper helps create annual programs that build trust in your organization.

Crafting Inspiring Content

Learn how to craft messaging for specific audiences.

The Power of Branding

This whitepaper explores brand impact on donor engagement.

Millennials & Giving

This whitepaper shares the most recent research that outlines communication preferences and messaging for the millennial generation.


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