Accommodate technology by offering your members an “electronic envelope.”
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Automatic Contribution Transfer

Welcome to Cathedral's Online Giving service! As technology becomes a part of your members’ daily lives, a growing number of people want the option of meeting their financial commitment to the Church electronically. Cathedral's ACT program for churches is designed to supplement your traditional offering envelope programs, and lets you offer your members an “electronic envelope” option with benefits that include:

  • Streamlined cash flow and guaranteed income, even when people are away
  • A safe, secure and easy method for assuring regular contributions
  • Convenience—your members contributions can be debited from the member’s account, and automatically deposited into your church’s designated account

Our exclusive ACT program appropriately introduces electronic contributions to your members. Cathedral can continue to provide an offering envelope or notice for members to indicate their regular attendance and commitment to the church as part of the regular worship service. You’ll also receive a simple but thorough report for every individual that participates in the ACT program.

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